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Sweet Justice

Launch #1 Selling and 1st Cannabis Cola in Canada.

Sweet Justice, from Electric Brands, are THC/CBD infused beverages that launched in Canada during the pandemic. The THC/CBD category is an emerging market and is quickly becoming aggressively competitive.


In order to meet this demand, our objective was to create a brand that broke through the clutter but also delivered on its brand promise and brand voice - of driving moments around surprise and delight.


We became an integral part of Sweet Justice’s growth, by embedding ourselves into their internal team, by providing design, creative and brand stewardship. Along with developing their immediate and long term strategies, we steered the creation of the brand’s visual language which consists of the brand’s logo, color, typography and imagery.


Sweet Justice launched in Canada with their first sku,  OG cola, which currently sits as the Number 1 under 10mg infused beverage. Secondly their sku Cherry Cola launched in British Columbia in the Number 1 spot - and has continued to hold that position across all dosage segments.

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We had a huge pressure to launch Sweet Justice OG Cola in early 2021, and I have to say without Mylo Tango's brand and product launch experience we would have never made it on the shelves. They continuously surpass expectations and have become integral to all our product launches as it relates to brand stewardship, brand direction and brand positioning.


Partner/Head of Marketing, Electric Brands Inc.


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