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We’re driven by both the passion and pride to help Founders, who take significant risks bringing new products into the world, beat the odds and flourish.


Our Beliefs

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You can beat the odds.

Why do 20% of businesses fail in their first year, and 50% fail by their 5th year* and 99% of companies never make it to scale*?


The #1 reason is the lack of focus on the customer and the market need. Lack of product-market-fit, indistinct brands, marketing, and team problems account for 74% of the reason why Startups fail.  


The biggest killers are problems like lack of domain knowledge, lack of marketing knowledge (and plan), lack of technical knowledge, and lack of business knowledge.  


It's critical to validate assumptions quickly and cheaply, and if needed - pivot. Your team, processes and operating model are critical to growing, then scaling.  After all, scaling is how value creation occurs, how Founders and employees create wealth, and investors create outsized returns. 

*Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021

**Scott Galloway, Serial Entrepreneur & NYU Stern Professor of Business Strategy

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Strong brands are a guidance system.

Branding is vital.  In a world of stiff competition, your brand is how you communicate who you are at every touchpoint.  It is why customers will pick you and pay you a higher price vs. your competition. 


Yet it is common for companies to get caught up in promoting features and benefits and overlook branding.


With a clear business strategy and brand strategy to guide investments, behaviors, and decision-making, people know how to behave, what priorities to focus on, and how to make independent decisions. When it is unclear, bottlenecks occur, slowing people and company progress. 



Your brand impacts your net worth.

In today's digital age, there is easy access to low-cost resources who can design, create videos, and create logos with no substance.  Founders latch onto this and often jump over an essential step in developing their brand. With no brand strategy in play, off to the market they go.


In reality, most Founders have different skill sets and competing priorities to direct brand and creative design and ensure their branding system is consistently applied.


Developing a brand, positioning, and branding system and applying it across all touch-points every day requires a watchful eye and commitment.


What may seem trivial has been proven again and again that the companies who build strong brands have more customers, can charge more, and have higher valuations and stock prices.

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Your Human Systems   drives growth.


Even the most sophisticated companies are a collective of talented people who work in a sequence to deliver a product or service.


When starting up, Founders meticulously focus on designing their organization around people, their work, and the tools they use to get the job done.  Something we call the Human System   .


Yet when it comes to scaling or reinvigorating a company, some common mistakes are deploying an unbalanced approach like a ‘systems first approach’ or a ‘rigid process approach.’ These often fail or take your people’s focus away from creating products that customers want and servicing those customers.


Image by Jeff Sheldon


Experience matters.

You turn to trusted experts to take care of your health, make an investment, or master a new skill.  Why not turn to trusted experts to help you build and scale your company and brand?


Experienced practitioners recognize familiar patterns and put their creativity, improvisation, and skill to work, saving you time, money and avoiding pitfalls. 

Let us help you build momentum and an operating rhythm.

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