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Meet The Team


Chad Grenier


Chad works with leading companies, brands, retailers, and Founders across industries and countries to achieve one goal, growth.  

He is a brand builder, integrated marketing and sales leader, specializing in growing, then scaling companies.  A rare combination of creating distinct brand and market positions within B2B, and B2C as well as standing up operating frameworks and the high performance teams to run them day to day.

He draws on his passion for human behavior, and experiences; starting from nothing, expanding an existing idea, scaling a winning model, integrating an acquired company or selling a company to create a more valuable business and Founder wealth.

Above anything else, Chad values the opportunity to mentor others and give them the tools to grow.

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Bobby Alexiou


Bobby works with leading companies, brands, retailers and Founders across industries and countries to achieve one goal, creating brands with a distinct place in our world.  

He is a leading artist, designer and creator partnering with local and global brands to shape their identity, positioning, brand visual language, and communications that connect with customers. His breadth of design expertise cuts across every medium making him uniquely qualified to address the challenges of applying your brand expression so that it is ownable and distinct across every customer touchpoint. 

Bobby is a lifelong educator committed to teaching both brand strategy and design to the next generation of marketers and creatives.

Let us help you build momentum and an operating rhythm.

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