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Ready Freeosk for Rapid Scaling

Freeosk, is a seamless shopper discovery kiosk, in select Sam’s Club, Walmart, Albertsons, and CVS stores.  A unique combination of digital and physical assets (free product samples) delivered to stores through a proprietary operating system and supply chain to create a seamless experience for Shoppers, Retailers and Brands. 


Freeosk was preparing to expand their retail footprint and looking to assess their operations to remove pain points and scalability readiness. Together we performed operational assessments, human system and value chain mapping from ‘sales to invoicing’.  The goal was to identify and remedy; friction points, inefficiencies, single points of failure and document repeatable and scalable ways of working.  This work led to specific initiatives, mapping ways of working, structural changes and additional capabilities, and resources.


Working as an embedded Operations Lead, we successfully launched and implemented new retailer networks in Albertsons and CVS, onboarded and trained new personnel, and exceeded past performance KPIs. 


Chad was instrumental in preparing for scaling our client delivery and operations, creating better connection points across departments and developing our campaign lifecycle workflow, alongside founders and employees.”


Co-Founder and COO



Stores across The United States


Let us help you build momentum and an operating rhythm.

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