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Position DigiBuild for success and Raise $2M Seed Round

DigiBuild was seeking to raise $2M in Seed funding to develop their Construction Software powered by blockchain to address unmet needs by leading technologies.  

Together we established DigiBuild’s vision, mission, new brand identity, and market positioning, product UI, investor and customer materials.  DigiBuild was accepted to a Shark Tank style investor TV production called ‘Meet The Drapers’ and simultaneously ran an equity crowdfund campaign, which raised $1M from 1800+ investors, a result less than 1% of crowdfunds achieved.

DigiBuild’s brand and positioning as the first blockchain enabled Construction Software led to becoming a finalist on Meet the Drapers, acceptance into the prestigious Y Combinator Accelerator program, and exceeding our goals of raising $2M, and closing a $4M seed round. 


Chad and Bobby have been embedded within DigiBuild for over a year to build and guide our branding, product UI, crowdfunding and customer marketing.  They bring capabilities and capacity not typically available to a company at our stage, and it has made a world of difference raising our seed round and gaining early traction with customers. We look forward to their continued partnership in helping us grow.


Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer


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