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Mylo Tango Launches to Accelerate Valuations of Founder-led Companies.

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Mylo Tango, a growth design firm, founded by Bobby Alexiou, a strategic brand builder and Chad Grenier, a growth and operations executive, bring their deep experience and expertise to Startup and Mid-Size Company Founders to launch products, accelerate growth, and create scalable operating systems.

They have recognized that 70% of businesses fail by their 5th year*. Failure to raise capital, lack of product market fit, indistinct brands, ineffective and insufficient marketing and operational complexity are critical hurdles, even the smartest Founders struggle with.

To do this, Bobby and Chad brought their lifetime of expertise they garnered working with world-class companies, and crafted a process and 3 Accelerator Programs specifically designed for startups to Mid-Sized companies and VC / PE firms with Category Creators, B2C Emerging Products , B2B Saas, and Next Generation Technologies.

“There are many great product and engineering driven founders creating world class products; however, they often have a talent gap on their team, someone who can position their company and product to investors, customers and employees as they launch and start to grow,” Bobby Alexiou Co-Founder, Brand and Creative Strategist.

Mylo Tango is designed to be affordable to Founders vs their traditional peers, and for select companies, they invest capital or offer a hybrid approach of fee and equity.

“It’s our way of putting skin in the game and living up to our vision of making our Founder-led companies we partner with more valuable,” Chad Grenier, Co-Founder and CEO.

Mylo Tango, starting point is ensuring the Founder and their Company's brand is well crafted and communicated through content and design that expands across every investor, marketing, sales and employee touchpoint. A brand is much more than a logo, it’s a company's vision, purpose, story, key messaging and visual identity. For Founders, it is their guidance system informing Customers, Employees and Investors their reason for being. Great brands guide people and decision making, affecting how employees operate internally, treat one another and interact with customers. And great brands are worth more to customers and have higher company valuations vs their peers.

Mylo Tango, together with their network of partners, become an extension of their Partner’s teams by taking on embedded roles and standing up brand marketing, sales support and operations resources until their Partners have the capital or revenue to hire full-time resources. This minimizes the need for Founders to increase their headcount or the need to bring on multiple Agencies and Consultants.

Services include; building, launching or revitalizing brands and products, raising capital through traditional or equity crowdfunding, growing revenue streams with ideal customers, and designing scalable operating systems to support growth and frictionless Customer experiences.

Mylo Tango’s vision is becoming a venture studio and raising capital to focus on the Founders and Companies they directly invest in.

For More information on Mylo Tango and their Accelerator Programs contact Chad Grenier at or 203-570-1488.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics 2021


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